Close the communication gap

Layer provides a central repository for your Datasets, Features. With a powerful search, enable easy discovery of your company data and assets while adhering to authorization and governance rules.

Data Discovery in Action

Locate resources
lightning fast

Data doesn’t need to be inaccessible and features don’t need to be re-engineered. Layer's lightning-fast search across your data catalog allows for exceptionally easy data utilization.

Start new projects quickly

Re-discovering assets and re-prepping data expends valuable time. Layer prevents reinvention of wheel in your data landscape. With easier access to already cleaned-up data and quality features/models, it is easier than ever to kick-start a new project.

Solve duplication duplication

Duplication causes confusion when stakeholders don’t know which version of the code and entity to use, or whom to turn to for any bugs. Layer solves this with versioned single-sources-of-truth that can be used across machines, teams and projects.

Quickly search and diagnose

Understand your datasets, features and dependencies

See exactly what data and code were used to build your datasets and features. Quickly diagnose issues by responding to alerts and tracking lineages.

Make data scientists more productive

Quickly onboard new hires

Save weeks of onboarding by having everything in one place. With Layer, it’s super easy to get familiar with existing projects by browsing and learning from company artifacts.

View everything in one place.

Get the full picture of your team’s work with views of active runs, experiments, and deployments in one central location. When you need to revisit a model, quickly reproduce and investigate what’s happening without derailing other priorities.


Transparent Tracking

Enjoy full transparency with
end-to-end lineage tracking that shows where and how your model was trained.

Intuitive Icon

Intuitive Versioning

An intuitive versioning feature that allows for faster experimentation of your models.

Collaborate icon

Clean Collaboration

Boost team collaboration by keeping model training details and notes all in one place.

Empower your data team