Since 2011, an extremely rich ecosystem has emerged to shorten the product development life cycle and to provide continuous delivery. We call this DevOps.
The DevOps philosophy and technologies have have shaped the world, from commerce to banking. While successful implementation of DevOps practices defined the winners, ML is introducing the leaders like Uber, Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb.
These tech giants can afford to build data platforms that facilitate efficient application and engineering of ML. However, for everyone else, an ML model still takes 1-3 months on average to deploy, 68% of a data scientist’s time is still spent working on non-essential problems such as infrastructure management and data preparation. That’s where Layer comes in...

“Software is
eating the world.”

- Marc Andreessen, 2011.

“Software is eating the world.”

- Marc Andreessen, 2011.

Empowering data teams everywhere.

At Layer, we’re establishing Declarative Machine Learning through collaborative, secure and powerful tools built to empower data teams across all industries. By seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructures, we enable ML engineers to work at a rate that drives meaningful change.

Solving the world’s toughest problems.

Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. Layer helps companies of all sizes get access to this data and other resources to put their ML into action to change their business and the world.

Working with the best talent.

We want to work with the best talent, regardless of where they’re located. Our all-remote culture consists of a world-class team of FTEs who have previously worked at data-intensive problems at companies like Palantir, Coinbase, Improbable, Datarobot, Revolut, Hazelcast, OakNorth, Google, and more.

Exceptional companies can only be built by exceptional people who are passionate about their work, grounded, achieve more with less, full of grit, challenge themselves and their team relentlessly to do better, and have radical candor. Our team and culture are paramount and central to our work.


We Execute Pragmatically

We work with speed and practicality in mind. We value individual ownership and trust each other to deliver, but avoid working in isolation. We take time to deepen the knowledge of our craft in pursuit of excellence. The more we learn, the better we can execute as a team.


We're Open

At Layer, openness applies to both the business and the people who work within it. We know we’re not always right and value open communication and honest feedback to create a better environment for every team member.

going global

We Think Global

As a fully remote business, we think globally. We seek people around the world to work with us and thrive as employees, partners, customers, and members of our community.

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